Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dying Old Jeans

I have two pair of jeans I love that had gotten very faded, so I decided to experiment with them. The pair on the right were even lighter than the pair on the left. I used one bottle of black Rit dye and dyed them this afternoon. It worked pretty well, but there are a few spots of slightly uneven color. I think next time I'll use a bigger bucket with a bit more water so the fabric can move around more freely. I have a front loading washer, so a bucket is really my only option. The only hard part was rinsing the dye after it was done soaking. It took about 20 minutes of rinsing and squeezing until the water was almost clear. I used rubber gloves for the first 15 minutes of the rinsing, but then they filled with water and I gave up on them. After rinsing I ran them through the washer with an extra rinse cycle to try to get all the dye out. On the other pair I'm going to try Rit Denim Blue. I'm really looking forward to wearing them now that they're not pale blue!

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